EV Charging

Every year we are facing bigger challenges with fuel costs and climate change. At Warmth Shield we recognised that our customers are moving more and more to renewable technologies and battery powered cars.

Fully Installed Solutions

We offer fully installed solutions for when you decide to change your old petrol or diesel vehicle for a hybrid or fully battery operated one.

All of our chargers contain ‘smart’ technology with phone and desktop apps that allow you to programme the best time for your car to charge; when it is parked.

Domestic and Commercial

We supply and install domestic and commercial chargers. Our company representative will walk you through the choices that are available to you and provide you with all the relevant information so you can make an educated choice on the best suited charger for your needs.

Most domestic charge points take less than a day to fit and all of our engineers are ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment in Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Level 3 Award 603/4908/6’ qualified.

Get a Quote Today

If you are thinking of changing your car soon, or have already got a battery car give us a call to see if we can help you on 02890022875 or email info@warmthshield.com